Wherever you are, you can always

Read and respond to an email

Without leaving outlook



Email approval, without expensive infrastructure and software.

Integrated with Kinetic ERP, you can add email approval to epicor controls that protect your business.

What is cloud-based, accessible via mobile, secure, and you already own?

An email account.

So why not use this technology to streamline your transaction approvals?

Emails are sent and received in almost every business worldwide; they are unavoidable. Often emails are used to manually approve requests when there isn’t a systematic approval workflow.

If you have cumbersome controls that impede your processes, then @pprove-it is for you.

A lightweight, simple and easy-to-use email approval that can in setup and deployed quickly to as many transactions are you’d like.

@pprove-it will ensure you stay compliant without slowing your business down.

Example Use Cases

Designed to be simple and effective

Purchase Orders

  • Hold for review
    • The first PO for a supplier
    • Supplier price list variance’s
    • Miscellaneous purchase’s.

Sales Orders

  • Hold for review
    • High/low value sales
    • The first customer SO
    • The first time a part is sold to a customer
    • Customer price list variance’s
    • Miscellaneous sale’s

General Journal

  • Hold for review
    • Key account postings
    • High value journals
    • Miscellaneous account postings


The advantages of using @pprove it

  • Continuous monitoring of processes and key figures
    Monitor your processes and measure performance in real time
  • Compliance
    Identify compliance violations and unintended actions
  • System usage
    Compare target models with current processes
  • Effectiveness
    Discover bottlenecks & improve throughput times


What will I need to get started with @pprove it?

Office 365

  • An office 365 account
  • Azure Active Directory

Kinetic ERP

  • A valid license


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