Learn how WD40 is using process mining for the roll-out of a new B2B platform.

New systems can be touted as the solution to many problems. The reality is they can often add complexity and exemplify process weaknesses.

Integrating bad processes and configuration into any new platform will reduce the effectiveness of the new system. It may also reduce the features that the new platform can offer. There is a risk that the strategy of the new platform is skewed away from its original goal, as it is aligned to current systems and processes.

To ensure the success of WD40’s new online B2B platform, it is looking to gain a deep understanding of the current processes including commercial arrangements, to ensure the platform’s goal is not lost while navigating the integration into the main ERP system. Armed with a deep understanding, WD40 will also be better placed to adjust processes where necessary, to improve efficiency and take advantage of the features native to this new platform.

“Decisions are made much easier when the data is presented in a visual way. We can get to the right questions sooner and dismiss anomalies that don’t warrant further analysis. Gaining immediate insight is a real advantage for a fast-growing business with ever changing markets.“

Jonathan McCoy
IT Manager
WD40 Company Ltd