Line of business applications can scarcely compete with the software most people use in their personal lives, such as banking and online shopping.

Often end users want to perform back office tasks with their mobile device when prompted, rather than logging into legacy business applications.

Even if there is an off the shelf web application for the back-office task you wish to perform, its often lacking some functionality or does not communicate with the rest of the applications you use.

Off the shelf solutions can create configuration/maintenance/support problems, as resource availability may be limited for these niche applications.

Then there is the audit, governance, and security requirements enterprises struggle with.

Microsoft’s power platform looks to resolve these challenges by building a platform to create automations and mobile apps hosted inside office 365. Integrations can be created between on premise and cloud systems with a mobile app to manage the process if required.

There is a built-in development,deployment and hosting process to allow rapid prototyping. The power automate service is easy to use and has hundreds of pre-built examples and connectors. And as its Microsoft, the interaction with SharePoint and Microsoft office is seamless.

Whether you want to create a simple web app/integration, or a feature rich custom web app architecture hosted in azure, the power platform can help.