How does Process Mining work?

Process mining uses the information stored in your IT systems event logs. Therefore being able to to quickly and easily extract data is really important.

Wont that data be in allot of different systems?

If you have a complex IT landscape, the data will most certainly be in allot of different systems.  Which is QPR ProcessAnalyser needs to make collecting data easy.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer has lots of connectors that make it easy to connect to all your data sources. With its in built ETL and flexible API’s you can combine all your data sources into one process model. When all your data is in single place that is when the magic happens.

  • Built-in Connectors
  • Open APIs
  • Integration Platform for ETL
  • Connect to both modern and legacy systems
  • Automated real-time loading
  • No data use limits
  • In-memory flash models

What does process mining do with all that data?

With this data, QPR Process Analyser will automatically create business process flowchart diagrams, lead time analysis, and other out-of-the-box reports. Process mining can then be further expanded to develop root cause analysis by adding case level attributes like region, product group, customer group, payment term, pricing condition & user.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how you could use process mining for your business transformation project.