Integrating Google Forms with Coupa Procurement Software using Google Scripts


Integrating Google Forms with Coupa Procure can significantly streamline the procurement process. Organizations can save time, reduce errors, and ensure a seamless purchasing workflow by using Google Forms for requisition requests and automating the data transfer to Coupa Procure. This blog post will guide you through integrating Google Forms with Coupa Procure using Google Apps Script.


1. Google Account: To create and manage Google Forms and Google Apps Script.
2. Coupa Procure Account: Access your organization’s Coupa Procure account.
3. Basic Scripting Knowledge: Familiarity with Google Apps Script and REST APIs.
Step 1: Create a Google Form
Start by creating a Google Form that captures all necessary requisition information. Include fields such as:
– Requester Name
– Department
– Item Description
– Quantity
– Justification
– Budget Code
Step 2: Set Up Google Sheets
1. Link Google Form to Google Sheets: Responses from the Google Form should be linked to a Google Sheets document. To do this, select the “Responses” tab in the Google Form and click on the Google Sheets icon.
2. Structure the Sheet: Ensure the Google Sheets columns match the fields in the Google Form for easy mapping.
Step 3: Create a Google Apps Script
1. Open Google Sheets: Navigate to the linked Google Sheets document.
2. Access Script Editor: Click on `Extensions` > `Apps Script` to open the script editor.
3. Write the Script: Below is a sample script to integrate Google Forms with Coupa Procure.
function onFormSubmit(e) {
// Extract responses
varresponses = e.values;
varrequesterName = responses[1];
vardepartment = responses[2];
varitemDescription = responses[3];
varquantity = responses[4];
varjustification = responses[5];
varbudgetCode = responses[6];
// Coupa API endpoint and authentication
varcoupaUrl = ‘’;
varapiKey = ‘YOUR_COUPA_API_KEY’;
// Create payload
varpayload = {
“requisition”: {
“requester”: {
“lines”: [
// Convert payload to JSON
varoptions = {
‘headers’: {
// Make the API request
try {
varresponse = UrlFetchApp.fetch(coupaUrl, options);
Logger.log(‘Request successful: ‘ + response.getContentText());
} catch (error) {
Logger.log(‘Request failed: ‘ + error.message);
// Trigger the function on form submission
function createTrigger() {
varsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
Step 4: Deploy the Script
1. Save the Script: Click on the floppy disk icon or press `Ctrl + S` to save the script.
2. Set Up Triggers: Run the `createTrigger` function to set up the trigger for the form submission event.
3. Authorize Script: The first time you run the script, you must authorize it to access your Google account data and make external API calls.
Step 5: Test the Integration
1. Submit a Test Form: Fill out and submit a test response using the Google Form.
2. Check Coupa Procure: Verify that the data has been successfully sent to Coupa Procure by checking the requisition module.

Troubleshooting Tips

– Check Logs: Use the `Logger.log()` statements to debug any issues.
– API Limits: Ensure you are within Coupa Procure’s API rate limits to avoid errors.
– Permissions: Verify that the API key has the necessary permissions to create requisitions in Coupa Procure.


Integrating Google Forms with Coupa Procure using Google Apps Script can automate and streamline your procurement process. Following the steps outlined above, you can ensure a seamless data transfer from Google Forms to Coupa Procure, making your purchasing workflow more efficient and error-free.
For more advanced use cases, consider handling additional fields, adding error-handling mechanisms, and setting up notifications for successful or failed submissions. Happy automating!
Feel free to contact us if you have questions.