QPR ProcessAnalyzer offers solutions for the following areas:

Process Improvement​ (Lean / Six Sigma)​

-Discover your as-is processes, their inefficiencies, and compliance issues.
-Find root causes of problems and efficiently allocate development resources accordingly.
-Effectively implement changes and set up related Metrics
-Communicate findings to stakeholders

Process KPI Reporting

-Improve the quality of process KPIs: gain full transparency.
-Find root causes of problems and poor performance.
-Continuously improve process performance by focusing on relevant KPIs.
-Get notified when a process step is going to take too long, affecting your KPIs.

IT & ERP Development​

-Reduce risks in all IT and ERP -related projects.
-Shorten durations of development projects.
-Reduce maintenance, development and implementation costs.
-Ensure smooth system migrations.

Digital Transformation

-See how your processes contribute to business outcomes
-Stay agile: get current evidence to continuously make quick, yet thoughtful decisions
-Increase the transparency of your operations and monitor the right KPIs
-Get access to the right information during the most complex transformations, such as M&As.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

-Find out which processes are the most suitable and profitable for automation.
-View automation rates and instantly see the ROI of RPA
-Use process insight to streamline end-to-end processes, so that they’re RPA ready.
-Monitor a variety of RPA–related metrics in ready-made RPA presents

Auditing & Compliance

-Get 100 percent coverage into all processes and transactions.
-Mitigate business risk by identifying and improving non-conforming processes.
-Reduce compliance costs with faster and more accurate analyses.
-Use predefined analyses and filters to ensure easy measuring and reporting.