Deploying a new customisation to epicor or upgrading is often an exciting process. Anything that makes a user’s life easier is always high in demand. But there’s a barrier you must cross. Before you can get your hands on that shiny new toy. Epicor testing.

Testing is a hard and time-consuming. It is a part of all development. Considering all the types of scenarios that a piece of software could be used, is not a simple task. However, it’s essential. If you’re upgrading an existing piece of software, you can never be sure what effect this will have on the current functionality without testing. If you’re introducing a new customisation, you need to be sure that it works in even the rarest of scenarios. In a fast-paced business world, bugs can cost time and money, if not tested properly.

Beyond these important but obvious points there are other benefits you can draw from testing. The process can often surface bugs and inefficiencies in existing customisation’s or spark inspiration for brand new functionality. It can even act as a training exercise, allowing junior members of a team to dig in and better understand how the company’s software functions.

Epicor testing is the vegetable to the dessert of deployment but there’s a lot of value you can extract from it. If you’re looking to increase the value and efficiency of your testing process, get in contact.