Epicor service connect. Is a great tool, that we use to automate epicor ERP processes. All without having to write code.

You can connect to epicor extremely quickly and easily. There are options to call rest positions and collect files from ftp locations. It is constantly being enhanced and upgraded to support the latest version of epicor. Like the recent addition of openAPI v3 or the option to import from swagger pages.

So why migrate off epicor service connect?


We delivered an automated sales invoice solution to a customer many years ago, while they were on epicor 9. It has been maintained and patched regularly, but it is now time for it to be decommission.

Like most low code platforms epicor service connect is not flexible. Consequently, solutions can become extremely complicated. Making support and maintenance difficult.

So, what has this sales invoice solution been replaced with?


We have replaced the service connect solution with c# code in bpm’s. As a result, the time to deliver enhancements, apply fixes and upgrade will be reduced dramatically. The customer will also be able to reduce the Epicor infrastructure footprint by removing service connect completely.

There is also the matter of local knowledge. The internal team is very familiar with bpms and they feel more comfortable with this type of solution. This influenced the decision to migrate heavily. Working collaboratively with internal teams in technology that they are familiar with will ensure the best long-term results.

We write code to automate processes for flexibility. Coupled with good design and documentation, the results can be tremendous. However, if you are not a professional developer it is always best to stick to the tooling provided by epicor.

Contact us if you have service connect workflows that need maintaining. Or if you would like to migrate them to bpm’s.