Epicor Journal Automation is something that most finance users would love. Each month finance departments create journals for lots of different reasons. The values may change but the structures are mostly the same.

These journals are used, for instance, as a simple system integration’s. Loading values from external system. Or as an interim fix, to correct poor processes.

This weapon of choice for finance professionals is simple and can be performed with ease. However, quick fixes soon become routine and can create bottle necks. The pressure to meet deadlines also means they are open to silly mistakes.

Automating these routine manual journals removes the human element, therefore reducing the risk of mistakes. It can also help with compliance, maybe you have a complicated journal approval process, or need to segregate duties.

Common Manual Journals that can be automated include

  • Payroll
  • External Expense System
  • Cost Allocation
  • Accruals
  • External Sales System – Taxable
  • External Stock System

JPGAL has developed a simple, Epicor Journal Automation solution that can be scheduled or run ad-hoc.

Data can be provided by a BAQ, SQL or a CSV file.

Automating these journals can bridge the gap to a more automated process while systems are adjusted, or processes are re-engineered. If the volumes are low it can be used as a permanent solution.

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