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Create EDI messages direct from your ERP

Scale your trading partner integration without additional software and services

Epicor EDI Services

Take advantage of safe, reliable and secure integration via EDI messaging. With independently managed standards, EDI can help your business scale without the fear of overwhelming rules and fewer custom integrations. EDI message formats can be shared across trading partners with rules and configurations to suit specific trading requirements.

If you are serious about growing your trading partners, EDI is the fastest path.



Scale with less errors and admin

Increase volume

  • Built for volume
  • Systematic Business Rules
  • Fix admin costs


  • Rule based validation
  • Real time alerts
  • Real time corrections 


  • Manage By Exception
  • Manage By Rules
  • Manage By Review


The advantages of EDI Integration

  • Improved operational efficiency: Automating the flow of messages with integrated EDI enhances the speed and efficiency of your operations by eliminating the need to rekey data in multiple systems manually.
  • Fewer errors: Human errors are dramatically reduced or eliminated by removing manual, paper-based processes.
  • Increased accuracy: Automated message validation ensures that errors are flagged and rectified before they impact your trading partners and data integrity in your internal systems is maintained.
  • Increased return on investment (ROI): Automation through integrated EDI enables you to maximize the benefits of EDI and move beyond simply complying with your customers’ EDI requirements.
  • Enhanced visibility: EDI provides full transparency of the ordering and invoicing process for you and your trading partners. This end-to-end visibility enables more informed decisions and improves the service delivered to consumers.
  • Reduced inventory cost: Increased visibility within the supply chain eliminates unknowns and can therefore enable you to reduce the levels of inventory you need to hold.


An initial scope is a precondition for all solutions.

Import & Export EDI messages

  • Inbound & Outbound EDI messages using any Epicor transaction
    • EDIFACT Documents
    • PriCat, Orders, OrdChg,OrdRsp, DesAdv, RecAdv, Invoic, RemAdv, InvRpt, SlsRpt
  • Comply with the standard EDI rules
  • Message formats that are kept up to date with EDI codes
  • Lightning-fast EDI translation
  • Adhere to any EDI format
  • Bespoke modification for partner rules

Validate EDI messages

  • Rigorous EDI validation to ensure EDI conforms to the agreed syntax rules. CAQH-compliant HIPAA validation for all HIPAA SNIP levels. Generate TA1 997 999 or CONTRL

    • Validation rules based on attributes
    • All EDI models are compliant with their EDI standard
    • Get instant validation details for all EDI messages
    • Generate 997, 999, TA1, or CONTRL acknowledgements
    • Async validation that also works with split messages

End to End Integration

  • Complete purchase to pay EDI message integration
  • Complete order to cash EDI message integration
  • End to End Mailbox Auditing


  • In-house and External VAN support
  • Audit and resilience review
  • Migration and Adoption

EDI Consultancy

We can help you with

  • EDI Message Use
  • EDI Map Consolidation
  • ERP Configuration to EDI message Mapping
  • Partner Migration and Implementation
  • EDI Adoption


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