JPGAL’s latest Epicor development. A fast and straightforward customer returns process. Allowing you to focus on handling the customers complaint.

Picture the scene. My Sales are growing. However, my customer returns are growing as well. Nobody wants to see customer returns increase. As a result, we setup checks and balances to stop them. Even with checks and balances, mistakes will happen and so will customer returns.

Why would we invest heavily in our returns process, we should invest in not having any returns!

Performing a customer return in real time and correctly will help to reduce returns. For instance, management can react quickly if they are provided accurate and timely information.

Having a simple and effective customer returns process, above all will improve your customer’s experience. There for increasing the chance of customers returning to purchase again.

Recent studies suggest that people consider returns processes when buying products. They will abandon their online purchases if they think the returns process will be difficult. So, having a good returns process can improve sales as well.

JPGAL’s latest epicor development provides a one click customer return. So, you can focus on dealing with customer’s complaints. Rather than the many steps of the return’s process. This simple and automated process ensures the data you gather is accurate and timely. As a result, can react faster to issues.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how our customer returns solution can streamline/automate your returns processes.

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