How can automating epicor reduce the pain of Brexit.

If the UK leave’s the EU, it could move to a WTO style trading relationship. Therefore goods that are imported from Europe will attract duties. This small change, will have a significant impact on businesses that have suppliers based in Europe.

Epicor has functionality to support applying taxes during the goods receipt process (the disbursement of duties). It is a manual step and it will not warn you if taxes need to be applied, if they are due. Some businesses may be comfortable manually managing this epicor process. For large businesses, this will certainly slow down their goods receipt process. There is also the risk of making mistakes when receiving goods. Therefore automating this epicor process would be mandatory for some businesses.

We recently completed a custom solution, automating epicor goods receipt process. This ensures duties are allocated and disbursed automatically. Whether the receipt is manually or automatically received.

To help monitor duties that have been incurred and that may be due in the future we have also built a review dashboard to analyse landed costs.

Contact us if you import a large amount of goods from europe and interesting in automating epicor to manage potential duties.