We tailor our Epicor support service specifically for each customer. Delivering rapid response’s to issue’s when required.

As consultants, we do not need detail accounts of your problems. like replication steps. In most instance’s we will understand your issues and help you correct them.

As a team of generalists. When you raise an issue, not only can we identify the problem, in most instance’s we can fix it as well.

With our support service, there are no tickets or queue’s it is just a quick chat an expert. This provides a seamless conversational chat experience that you will wonder how you operated without.

If you prefer a self service support style. We use advance technology to deliver things like intelligent issue resolution, engineer re-direction. We can also host support articles for common issue’s that you can direct your users to.

If you are wondering why we have chosen to provide a collaborative support service. Collaborative support empowers all team members to deliver exceptional, informed, consistent customer support.

It’s an approach to customer support that uses technology to give every team member access to the same customer information. This includes sharing notes about previous interactions, details about the current issue and who they have already spoken to.

Collaborative support works to bridge the communication gap between a support service and your team. All for the purpose of providing seamless customer support.

Why is a collaborative epicor support better?

Unlike the traditional tiered model of customer support, collaborative support focuses on resolving issues quickly and smoothly.

Rather than moving customers through a funnel or escalating their issue to different tiers, collaborative support operates on a network of shared knowledge, proactive support, and employee empowerment.

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